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The Workshop of Lights

This immersive exhibition space offers a unique artistic experience, combining visual art, music and cutting-edge technology.
Located in a former 19th century foundry, this space transformed into a monumental projection room presents immersive exhibitions that transport visitors into an enchanting world of color, movement and sound.

His history...

The very essence of the Atelier des Lumières lies in the innovative use of digital projection technology. The walls, floor and even columns of the space are used as projection canvases, creating an immersive 360-degree experience. The works of art of the great masters are projected in a gigantic manner, enveloping visitors in a totally captivating visual universe.

The choice of artists and artistic movements presented at the Atelier des Lumières is carefully studied to offer aaesthetic and emotional experience intense. Painters such as Van Gogh, Klimt, Monet and Renoir are in the spotlight, their works being enhanced by the effects of light and impressive visual effects.

Synchronizing the projection with a carefully selected soundtrack adds a musical dimension to the experience. Visitors are transported on a multisensory journey where musical harmonies mingle with projected colors and shapes, reinforcing the emotional impact of the exhibition.

L'Atelier des Lumières also engages in collaborations with contemporary artists, thus enabling original creations and unique experiences. These special projects often incorporate interactive elements or live performances, adding a lively and dynamic dimension to the immersive experience.

The ultimate goal of the Atelier des Lumières is to democratize art by making great works accessible to a wide audience,ideal exhibitions for children…The immersive approach allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the paintings, discovering the hidden details, brushstrokes and textures of the artworks in new ways. This intense experience creates an emotional connection between the visitor and the works on display, sparking a deeper appreciation of art and human creativity.

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A controversial place...

Some art critics and purists believe that this form of immersive exhibition can dilute the meaning and artistic value of the works on display. They argue that projecting the paintings on a monumental scale can reduce the complexity and subtlety of the original works, and that the immersive experience can distract visitors from authentic appreciation of the art.

Additionally, some are concerned about the commercial aspect of the Atelier des Lumières, which attracts large crowds of visitors for entertainment purposes rather than for a true artistic experience. They fear that this popularity contributes to a certain trivialization of art, favoring sensationalism and visual effect to the detriment of contemplation and deep reflection.

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