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Collège de France - Program 2023:2024

The Collège de France is an exceptional higher education and research establishment worldwide. Since the 16th century, it has fulfilled a double mission: it is both the center of the most avant-garde research and the place of its teaching. All interested people can receive teaching there, free of charge and without registration or diploma conditions, covering "the knowledge being constructed in all areas of letters, sciences and arts". At the same time, he conducts cutting-edge research in collaboration with prestigious French and international scientific institutions. One of the main missions of the Collège de France is to disseminate the most recent knowledge, whether by welcoming the public to its lecture halls or by offering audiovisual recordings of lessons available free of charge on its website.Professors lead research teams, and the Collège de France is home to a community of several hundred researchers, engineers, technicians, administrative executives and librarians. The chairs, laboratories and libraries cover a wide range of fields, ranging from mathematics to the study of great civilizations, including computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, philosophy, literature , social sciences, economics, archeology and history.The 2023-2024 teaching program:

Mathematical, physical and natural sciences:

Human and social sciences:

Freedom of research has always been a fundamental characteristic that has nourished the creative energy of this scholarly community. A key provision played a key role in this regard: chairs are not permanent.

Chairs are renewed based on the latest advances in science. New professors are elected by the Assembly, without any requirement for university degree, only the significance and originality of their work counts. In this way, the Collège de France constantly adapts to developments in science and becomes a center of impetus for the international scientific community.

Practical information for attending Collège de France courses

The courses and inaugural lessons of the Collège de France are accessible to all, free of charge and without registration, subject to availability.

Start of courses: from October 2 Interruption of courses: From 12/23/2023 to 01/8/2024 (Christmas vacation) From 04/6/2024 to 04/22/2024 (spring vacation)

End of classes: beginning of July

The arrangements for welcoming auditors as well as the teaching program are likely to change depending on current events at the establishment.

We invite our public to regularly consult the instructions and the updated agenda on the Collège de France website before traveling:

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