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Bernardins College

The conferences organized at the Collège des Bernardins bring together experts, researchers, thinkers and specialists from various fields. They cover a wide range of subjects, from philosophy to theology, literature, history, social sciences and many other disciplines.

A space for reflection

The Collège des Bernardins attaches particular importance to interdisciplinarity and the meeting between different disciplines. Conferences thus offer a unique opportunity to explore connections between fields of knowledge and to foster a rich and fruitful dialogue between participants.

The themes discussed during these conferences are often in touch with contemporary issues and questions of our time. Topics such as social justice, ethics, spirituality, interfaith relations, culture, science and philosophy are regularly covered, providing space for reflection on the challenges we face as a society.

The Collège des Bernardins in Paris is distinguished by its political neutrality and its commitment to the free expression of ideas. As an academic and cultural institution, it does not take a specific partisan political position.

However, it is a place that places great importance on religious and spiritual matters. As a former Cistercian abbey and Catholic cultural center, it maintains a close relationship with the religious sphere.

Conferences organized at the Collège des Bernardins often address topics related to theology, spirituality and ethical issues. They can relate to themes such as faith, religious philosophy, the history of religions, interreligious dialogue and the place of religion in contemporary society.

The Collège des Bernardins welcomes speakers from different religious traditions and promotes interreligious dialogue. The conferences thus provide a space for reflection on the diversity of religious beliefs and practices, as well as their impact on society and culture.

The Collège des Bernardins' approach to religious matters is characterized by respect, open-mindedness and the desire to encourage dialogue between different religious and spiritual traditions. The conferences seek to deepen mutual understanding, promote theological reflection and explore contemporary issues related to religion.

It should be emphasized that the Collège des Bernardins is not exclusively focused on the Catholic religion. It also hosts conferences and debates on more general subjects, while respecting the diversity of convictions and philosophical approaches.

Practical information

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