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Prehistomania exhibition
at the Museum of Human

During the first decades of the 20th century, researchers, thinkers and creators embarked on an exploration of the origins of humanity. A captivating quest that leads them to explore the artistic universe of the first humans.

Paris Chimères, Parisian cultural excitement

In the infinite twists and turns of the Internet, Paris Chimères is a cultural information space in Paris, resolutely subjective and selective. Although incapable of listing all the cultural activities of the city, far from the repertoire of facts and figures, it is an artistic mosaic where exhaustiveness gives way to subjectivity.

Current exhibitions

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Parisian walks


Arab World Institute

Oriental Perfumes Exhibition
The Arab World Institute invites you on an extraordinary journey through the captivating aromas of the Orient and their fascinating history.

From star exhibitions to street performances, from confidential conferences and symposia in Paris to major popular events, Paris Chimères offers a variety of cultural experiences, in multiple facets, for curious minds.

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