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Itinerary and treasure hunt in Montmartre, Paris 18th

With friends, family, alone or as a couple, discover Montmartre during a walk and go from stage to stage while solving puzzles!

Itinerary: Adventure in Montmartre, in the footsteps of artists...

Departure: Metro Abbesses

Route time: Non-stop walking time: 30 min. You will add stop times according to the visits scheduled on your itinerary.

Welcome to Montmartre, one of the most emblematic and charming districts of Paris! Ready to go on an adventure to discover the hidden treasures of this artistic hill? Our treasure hunt invites you to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Montmartre while having fun with family or friends.

Follow in the footsteps of the bohemian artists who once walked these cobblestone streets, solving puzzles while exploring the iconic locations of this picturesque neighborhood. Whether you are art lovers, history enthusiasts or simply curious to discover new horizons, this adventure is made for you!

Get ready to stroll through the lively streets, admire the panoramic views from the heights of the Butte Montmartre and soak up the unique atmosphere that reigns here. Let the games begin and let the magic of Montmartre transport you on an unforgettable journey through time and art!

Start your adventure at Abbesses metro station.

Step 1 :

Riddle: "I am a picturesque square with cafes, a mythical church and a fountain in the center. Where am I?"

(Answer: Place des Abbesses)

From Abbesses metro station, head towards Rue des Abbesses. As you walk, observe the many street performers and quaint shops lining the street. Continue straight until you arrive at Place des Abbesses.

Place des Abbesses is famous for its Wallace fountain, a symbol of the Parisian districts. It was once a gathering place for artists, writers and intellectuals.

The church of Place des Abbesses, a must-visit and also called Saint-Jean-l'Évangéliste church, is a magnificent example of 19th-century neo-Gothic architecture, designed by architect Anatole de Baudot. Its slender flying buttresses, colorful stained glass windows and sculptures evoke medieval art.

The interior of the church is just as remarkable, with its ribbed vaults, its finely carved capitals and its magnificently colored stained glass windows which illustrate biblical scenes. These stained glass windows, made by renowned master glassmakers such as Louis-Auguste-Victor Gesta, add an artistic and spiritual dimension to the sacred space, bathing the interior of the church in divine light.

Beyond its architectural aspect, the church played an important role in the cultural life of Montmartre, attracting renowned artists such as Picasso and writers such as Apollinaire.

2nd step :

Riddle: "I am a street famous for my art galleries and my staircases. Who am I?"

(Answer: La Rue Norvins)

From Place des Abbesses, continue on Rue des Abbesses to Rue Norvins. Along the way, don't fail to notice the charming cafés and artisan shops and of course the superb and legendary Place du Tertre where painters and designers stroll. Turn left onto Rue Norvins.

This cobbled lane extends a short distance but offers a captivating dive into the bohemian and artistic atmosphere that characterizes Montmartre. Lined with buildings with picturesque facades, Rue Norvins has been the scene of numerous events and has welcomed a host of historical and cultural figures.

Don't miss La Maison Rose at 2 rue de l'abreuvoir. Built in the 18th century, it owes its name to its distinctive color which has captivated generations of artists, poets and strollers. It served as a refuge and meeting place for many famous painters, including Maurice Utrillo, who immortalized his image through his works.

Over the years, Norvins Street has been a meeting place for major artists such as Picasso, Modigliani and Utrillo, who drew inspiration and camaraderie from the cafes and workshops dotted along its sidewalks. Today, it continues to attract art lovers and the curious from around the world, offering an eclectic mix of contemporary art galleries, designer boutiques and quaint cafes.

Step 3:

Enigma: "I am a historic place, a former winegrowers' house, which houses exhibitions on the art and history of Montmartre. Where are you?"

(Answer: The Montmartre Museum)

From Rue Norvins, continue straight until you arrive at the Musée de Montmartre located at 12 Rue Cortot.

Housed in a former 17th-century winegrower's house and surrounded by picturesque gardens, this museum offers a captivating dive into the vibrant soul of Montmartre and its central role in the development of modern art.

The Musée de Montmartre houses an exceptional collection of works by artists associated with the neighborhood, including Maurice Utrillo, Suzanne Valadon, and Théophile Steinlen. These iconic artists all found inspiration and camaraderie in the steep streets and bustling cafes of Montmartre, and their creations capture the very essence of bohemian life at the time.

The Montmartre Museum is located in the former studio of the artist Suzanne Valadon. Besides the art exhibitions, the museum offers magnificent views of the terraced gardens, as well as the famous vineyards of Montmartre, which were once frequented by artists like Renoir and Toulouse-Lautrec, worth seeing!

Step 4:

Enigma: "I am a place where there is a statue of the singer from Time of Flowers. Where are you?"

(Answer: Place Dalida)

From Rue Lepic, turn left onto Rue Girardon, then right onto Rue de l'Abreuvoir. Admire the picturesque architecture and charming little passages of Montmartre on your way to Place Dalida.

Place Dalida is a place full of emotion and memory dedicated to one of the most emblematic singers of the French scene. This square, formerly called Place de la Dalida, was renamed in honor of the artist after his death in 1987.

Place Dalida has become a place of pilgrimage for fans of the singer, who often come to leave flowers and messages in tribute to their idol. In the center of the square stands a bronze statue of Dalida, made by the French sculptor Aslan. This statue represents the artist in an elegant and expressive pose, immortalizing his charisma and talent.

Step 5:

Riddle: "I am an old windmill converted into a restaurant. Where can you find me?"

(Answer: Le Moulin de la Galette)

From the Montmartre Museum, take Rue Cortot towards Rue Lepic. On your way, soak up the artistic atmosphere of the Butte Montmartre. Turn left onto Rue Lepic and continue until you arrive at Moulin de la Galette.

The Moulin de la Galette is an emblematic place in Montmartre, known for its history linked to the bohemian and artistic life of the neighborhood.

This old tavern, located at the top of the Montmartre hill, was a popular meeting place for artists, writers and residents of Paris at the end of the 19th century.

Originally, the Moulin de la Galette owes its name to the activity of its owners, who produced wheat pancakes in an adjoining mill. However, it became famous for its lively atmosphere and popular ball where one could dance, drink and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.

Step 6:

Enigma: "I am a lively street, painted by Van Gogh, offering a panoramic view with typical shops. Who am I?"

(Answer: La Rue Lepic)

From Moulin de la Galette, continue on Rue Lepic towards Place Jean-Baptiste Clément. Admire the colorful facades and typical shops of Montmartre along the way. Continue straight on Rue Lepic until the next stage.

This picturesque street takes its name from the former landowner, Monsieur Lepic, whose land was subdivided to form the street. Since then, Rue Lepic has become one of the most emblematic thoroughfares of Montmartre, offering visitors an immersion into the bohemian and picturesque atmosphere of this district.

Rue Lepic is famous for its traditional shops, bakeries, delicatessens, artisan boutiques and lively cafés. It is also famous for its open-air market, where locals come to buy fresh produce and local specialties.

Beyond its commercial aspect, Rue Lepic is also known for its links with the art world. It inspired many artists, including Vincent van Gogh, who immortalized the street in several of his works, notably in his painting “View of the Roofs of Paris”.

Step 7:

Riddle: "I am an iconic basilica located at the top of Montmartre Hill. Where are you?"

(Answer: The Basilica of the Sacred Heart)

From Place Dalida, continue your ascent of the Butte Montmartre by following Rue de l'Abreuvoir to Rue des Saules. Turn right and follow the street until you reach Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, where you will find the staircase leading to the Sacré-Cœur. Go up the steps until you reach the basilica.

Built in the late 19th century, Sacré-Cœur was erected in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in response to France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and the Paris Commune. Its imposing architecture, in Roman-Byzantine style, is distinguished by its central dome topped with a lantern and its white facade decorated with mosaics.

Inside, the basilica offers an atmosphere of solemnity and contemplation, with magnificent stained glass windows, sculptures and frescoes that tell biblical stories and scenes from the life of Jesus. The highlight of the visit is the panoramic view from the dome, which allows you to admire the roofs of Paris and its main monuments.

After a day full of emotions and discoveries, our treasure hunt in Montmartre is coming to an end. Along cobbled streets, steep staircases and lively squares, we explored the vibrant soul of this emblematic district of Paris. From the majestic Sacré-Cœur Basilica to the charming boutiques of Rue Lepic, through the picturesque cafés and breathtaking viewpoints, each stage of our journey transported us to a separate universe, combining history, art and culture.

Now, as the sun sets over the rooftops of Paris, we find ourselves with the feeling of having lived an unforgettable experience, where each puzzle solved, each clue followed, has brought us a little closer to the essence of Montmartre . Whether alone, with friends or family, this treasure hunt allowed us to create precious memories and soak up the timeless magic of this unique neighborhood.


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