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The Johnny Hallyday exhibition at the Parc des Expos Porte de Versailles


From October 18, 2023 and over nearly 3,000 square meters, immerse yourself in a unique experience paying tribute to one of the greatest rock figures: Johnny Hallyday. This exceptional exhibition with immersive scenography will allow you to relive the singer's life, from his incredible career to his unique personality.

Date: From December 22, 2023 in Paris

Desires: Johnny fan, Entertainment, immersive experience, party, music.

Hallyday at the Parc des Expos Porte de Versailles
The Johnny Hallyday exhibition

As soon as you arrive, you will be transported into Johnny's world thanks to remarkable scenographic installations. Explore Johnny's office in Marnes-la-Coquette, a secret place steeped in history where he worked and received his loved ones. You will discover thousands of archive images, his iconic stage costumes, his legendary guitars as well as numerous poignant testimonies and little-known anecdotes. A unique opportunity to rediscover the Youth Idol.

The exhibition route, deployed in a form reminiscent of a guitar, will make you experience strong moments through exceptional displays. You will be transported into the supercharged atmosphere of his spectacular stage entrances, and will feel the palpable tension of the crowd waiting for their idol. A mini-concert will be offered to you, where Johnny will perform some of his greatest hits, mixing cutting-edge technology and emotion.

But the exhibition is not limited to the stage. You will also have the opportunity to discover intimate aspects of Johnny's life. His personal office in Marnes-la-Coquette, full of nostalgia and history, will be presented in all its magic. You will delve into the heart of his intimacy through objects that marked his life and moving testimonies.Johnny's words will be the common thread of the exhibition. As he said himself, he could only speak about what he knew, and it was through his songs that he expressed himself best. You will follow his artistic journey through his words, thus discovering a part of his authentic and sincere personality.

The exhibition is designed to reach a wide audience. Johnny fans will be delighted by reliving intimate moments with their idol through the objects, images and sounds present at every moment of the journey. The curious will be able to get up close and personal with this intriguing and fascinating man and understand why he left his mark on a part of French culture. Children will let themselves be carried away by Johnny's music and infectious energy.The exhibition also has surprises in store for fashion enthusiasts, with the presentation of stage costumes designed by the biggest names in French haute couture. Film buffs will be able to discover the films that marked Johnny and the objects linked to his roles in the cinema. Jewelry lovers will appreciate Johnny's passion for jewelry and tattoos, elements that marked his personality.


Johnny Hallyday is undeniably part of our cultural heritage. The immense crowd that gathered in the streets of Paris during his funeral testifies to the support that we offered to a part of ourselves for this last journey. That's exactly what Johnny Hallyday did. The Exhibition offers: a rebirth of the journey of an artist who embodies a certain France.

No matter who you are, you will find what you are looking for by browsing the aisles of the Exhibition.

Fans, who are still mourning the disappearance of Johnny, will be propelled into the life of their idol at every moment through objects, images and sounds. Each step of the journey will remind them of their intimate moments with the singer and the man that Johnny was. Memories will overwhelm them, upset them; they will emerge transformed, with the feeling of having never seen or heard everything about Johnny before.

But the Exhibition also has surprises in store for the curious, even those who are not particularly fans of the rocker or this musical genre. It was designed to satisfy a wide audience, attracting all those who want to get up close and personal with this intriguing and fascinating man. Johnny Hallyday is surrounded by a captivating mystery. How did he manage to bring together an entire country at his funeral? Why have some, especially among the most modest, dedicated their entire lives to him? By what miracle does he alone embody an essential part of French culture? The Exhibition is a magical moment of discovery to share with friends or family. Whatever your reluctance or apprehension, you will be carried away by the sounds, images and history of an era. And even more certainly by the moving story of a man who gave everything to his audience.

Children, let's admit it, were not at the center of the thinking when designing this exhibition, especially the youngest among them. And that turns out to be a great thing! Because perhaps we would not have succeeded in creating a course so suited to their enthusiasm. Children make the Exhibition their own as if it had been specially created for them. They run there, dance there, let themselves be carried away by the music. In short, they feel at home. And Johnny would have loved that.

Fashion enthusiasts will not be left out. Johnny left nothing to chance in the design of his shows, including the creation of his stage costumes, true centerpieces of his shows and the Exhibition. It was therefore completely natural that he called on the biggest names in French haute couture such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior and Jean-Paul Gaultier. These outfits were the result of a dialogue between the stylists and the singer, and Johnny was truly a man of fashion. Periods "leather" with its studded bad boy costumes, the western trend with its fringed jackets and cowboy boots, through the Elvis style with its satin shirts, or even the floral hippie outfits, dotted with rhinestones and embroidery. By discovering the outfits on display, all men's haute couture parades before our eyes, from the 1960s to the 2000s. Better still, certain zeitgeists will impose themselves on us.

Film buffs will also find what they are looking for at the Exhibition. As a teenager, Johnny did not dream of being a singer, but rather a film actor. His relationship with cinema was first and foremost that of a fan. Throughout his adolescence in Paris, he scoured the theaters in search of a good western, because through these films, it was the America that he wanted to discover. Later, he had a projection room set up in his villa in Marnes-la-Coquette, where he spent entire nights watching his DVDs. Of course, westerns were in the spotlight, but there was no shortage of films featuring his heroes such as Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando or James Dean. Besides, on stage, wasn't he himself an actor? It was therefore obvious to devote an entire space of the exhibition to this other passion of the singer: the films he loved, those in which he starred, the objects associated with them, and even a reconstruction of his theater. private screening in Marnes-la-Coquette.

Jewelry lovers will not be left out. Johnny had a passion for jewelry and tattoos. They dressed the rocker and signed his personality. The Exhibition could not ignore this attraction for jewelry, particularly that of bikers. Symbols of belonging to a gang, for Johnny they embodied the rock and roll attitude. Almost all were decorated with skulls, tigers, eagles, crosses or wings. And of course, there was the recurring motif of the skull, not as a sign of aggression, but as protection. Among many specimens in his collection, we have "sanctified" his pendant in the shape of a cross on which a guitarist is crucified, his favorite jewel that he never took off.

Finally, motorcycle enthusiasts will be delighted. Although Johnny occasionally rode horses, it was mainly horse engines, motorcycles and cars that were his passion. If we had to display all the motorcycles he used, the exhibition would be way too small! Since childhood, Johnny has been drawn to motor horses, a fascination rooted in his American dream. A dream America that he sought to find there, even if he knew that "many things no longer existed there.

It is therefore a unique experience with a program of events, a merchandise store, a bar with a rock'n'roll atmosphere and a journey in 12 chapters retracing 74 years of an extraordinary life. An exceptional opportunity to discover little-known aspects of Johnny's life and to relive the highlights of his career.

Exhibition hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, including public holidays. The duration of the visit is estimated at approximately 2 hours, with the last entry at 5 p.m. Prices vary from €16.50 for young people and students to €24.50 as a standard rate. Children benefit from free entry, and groups have a preferential rate of €22.50.Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive into the world of Johnny Hallyday and live an unforgettable experience.

Date: From December 22, 2023 in Paris


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