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Jean Nicod Institute

This Institute, named after the famous French philosopher Jean Nicod, is a prestigious intellectual center nestled in the French capital. It embodies research excellence in philosophy and cognitive sciences, providing a framework conducive to exploring the boundaries between these two disciplines.

Exciting encounters

Founded in 2002, the Jean-Nicod Institute brings together a community of passionate and eminent researchers from various academic backgrounds. These brilliant minds are dedicated to studying the theoretical foundations of human cognition, examining the mechanisms of thought, language, perception and consciousness.

The activities of the Jean-Nicod Institute are as varied as they are stimulating. Its researchers carry out innovative research projects, participate in international collaborations and publish world-renowned work. The institute regularly hosts conferences, workshops and seminars that promote intellectual exchanges and knowledge sharing.

With multidisciplinary expertise, the Jean-Nicod Institute explores the intersections between philosophy, psychology, linguistics, logic and neuroscience. It thus constitutes a privileged place where scientific and philosophical approaches converge, thus nourishing deep and interdisciplinary reflection on fundamental questions of the nature of the mind and knowledge.

A CNRS mixed research unit (UMR) was created in 2002 thanks to a collaboration between the École normale supérieure (ENS) and the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS). This renowned establishment is a laboratory dedicated to cognitive sciences, bringing together around a hundred members, half of whom are doctoral students and the other half CNRS researchers, teacher-researchers, post-doctoral students, as well as contractual and administrative engineers.

Although analytical philosophy is the core discipline, the Jean-Nicod Institute also houses cutting-edge research in linguistics and social sciences. Its main objective is the study of the human mind and the nature of representations, whether linguistic, mental or social. Within the ENS, the Jean-Nicod Institute is attached to both the philosophy department and the cognitive studies department (DEC), thus reinforcing its interdisciplinary character.

Directed by Roberto Casati, the Jean-Nicod Institute is ideally located at 29 rue d'Ulm, in the cognitive studies department of the École normale supérieure. This privileged location promotes intellectual exchanges and fruitful collaborations within this institution dedicated to cutting-edge research in the field of cognitive sciences.

The institute also houses a specialized library, rich in philosophical and scientific works, which constitutes a valuable resource for researchers, students and enthusiasts in these fields.

Practical information

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