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Matisse exhibition, L’Atelier rouge at the Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris 16th

In 1911, in "L'Atelier rouge," Henri Matisse orchestrated a staging of his own paintings and sculptures, creating a living portrait of his art. One hundred and eleven years after the creation of this emblematic painting, the MoMA in New York brings this exceptional work back to life by bringing together the elements present in the original work, thus offering a unique experience by allowing visitors to discover the objects and works of art as they were designed by the artist in his studio.

Date: From May 7, 2024 to September 9, 2024

Desires: Painting, fauvism, color, unmissable exhibition

This unprecedented meeting creates a temporal bridge between Matisse's original creation and the contemporary presentation at MoMA, offering a renewed look at the evolution and timeless resonance of the artist's work.

Matisse la desserte rouge
Matisse la desserte rouge

The collaboration between the Louis Vuitton Foundation, the MoMA in New York and the SMK in Copenhagen gives rise to the exhibition "Matisse, L'Atelier rouge," which looks at the genesis and history of the famous masterpiece from 1911. This emblematic canvas depicts the artist's working environment in Issy-les-Moulineaux. The exhibition marks the first meeting of the works present in this painting since their departure from Matisse's studio, and it is enriched by documents and works that shed light on the context of creation and the adventure surrounding this painting.

At the heart of the route are “L’Atelier rouge” and six paintings, three sculptures and a ceramic reproduced in the painting. The exhibition also includes closely related works, such as the “Great Red Interior” (1948). Particular attention will be paid to the dialogue between the two paintings, highlighting, almost 40 years apart, Matisse's reinterpretation of this pioneering painting, at a time when the painter's work underwent a new profound mutation. Archives, photographs, as well as a film will be presented to further illuminate the history and process of execution of the painting. This exhibition thus offers an immersive dive into the creative universe of Matisse, allowing visitors to grasp the different artistic layers which contributed to the emergence of this emblematic work.

Matisse, this genius.

The artistic genius of Henri Matisse is illustrated by several major elements which marked his significant impact on modern art. First of all, his pivotal role in the Fauvist movement was decisive. Matisse introduced radical stylistic innovation using bright, unconventional color palettes. His ability to handle color with unparalleled boldness created works of powerful expressiveness, freeing color from its strictly representational role.

Matisse's creative freedom is another dimension of his genius. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a constant desire to push artistic boundaries, exploring a variety of styles and techniques. From Fauvism to Cubism to abstraction, Matisse embraced the constant evolution of modern art.

Simplicity and expressiveness are striking characteristics of his work. Matisse developed a unique ability to simplify forms while retaining deep emotional expressiveness. His works breathe life through clean lines and vibrant colors, creating a visual harmony that often transcends objective reality.

Date: From May 7, 2024 to September 9, 2024

Desires: Painting, fauvism, color, unmissable exhibition

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