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Le Centquatre
104 Paris

The contemporary architecture of 104 is in itself a statement of artistic intent. The vast renovated industrial spaces provide an ideal setting for artists, allowing them to freely explore new forms of expression. As you stroll through the corridors of this imposing building, you will be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere, where art mixes with everyday life.

Its history, Its Concept

The 104,  Centfour is an exceptional artistic space that embodies the creative avant-garde and cultural innovation. By inviting you to enter its vast enclosures, the 104 opens the doors to a world where artistic diversity boldly unfolds and where experimentation is king.

Within the 104, you will discover an exceptionally rich multidisciplinary artistic program. From visual arts to performances, including dance, theater and music, each discipline finds its place and flourishes in this unique space of expression. The most talented and innovative artists, national and international, are invited to present their creations, thus offering the public a cultural experience of rare depth.

The 104 also stands out for its desire to promote emerging contemporary art and support emerging artists. Artistic residencies are regularly offered, offering creators a dedicated workspace and the resources necessary to develop their projects. This approach helps nourish the artistic vitality of our time and creates an environment conducive to innovation and the emergence of new forms of expression.

As you immerse yourself in the exhibitions and performances at 104, you will be confronted with works that challenge conventions, that question our society and that provoke deep reflection. 104's artistic commitment is manifested through projects that transcend borders and disciplines, creating unexpected encounters and stimulating dialogues. For example, the International Biennial of Digital Arts of the Île-de-France Region, the 5th edition of which takes place from 09.30.2023 to 01.07.2024.

As a visitor to 104, you are invited to be surprised, to be challenged and to let yourself be carried away by the creative energy that permeates this unique place. Your presence and your open-mindedness contribute to the development of this cultural space and the artistic vitality of our society.

We therefore encourage you to explore the multiple facets of the 104, to immerse yourself in the exhibitions, performances and events taking place there. May this encounter with contemporary art nourish you, inspire you and open up new perspectives on the world around us. At 104, you are invited to an exceptional cultural experience, where the power of art transforms and transcends.

Current exhibitions

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Practical information

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