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7 life-saving ideas to get children off screens, even when you're too lazy to leave the house

Cook together
Cook together

Ah, screens, these formidable allies of modern parents! They attract our children like magnets and transform them into real zombies. But be careful, behind their screen, our dear little ones are faced with dangers as perilous as a herd of rabid unicorns! Imagine them, eyes glued to the screen, so absorbed that they could pass by a pink elephant in the living room. And what about those evil creatures that populate social media, ready to bewitch them with ridiculous selfies and videos of cute kittens? Not forgetting the ultimate danger: the cyber attack from parents who threaten to turn off the Wi-Fi if they don't immediately exit their online game. So, my dear parent friends, let's be vigilant, because behind each screen hides a world where our children risk getting lost faster than a rabbit in a field of virtual carrots!

More seriously, the omnipresence of screens can not only lead to health problems such as eye fatigue and a sedentary lifestyle, but also limit children's social interactions, creativity and intellectual development. However, in the face of this growing challenge, there is no need to panic! There are a multitude of options to keep children occupied without resorting to screens, even when the desire to go out is not there.

1. Creative Workshop: Provide pencils, markers, paint, paper and other artistic materials. Encourage children to express their creativity by drawing, painting, or creating objects using recycled materials. They could even organize a small exhibition of their works at the end of the day! This may seem simplistic to you, but it works every time 😊. And if you're looking for more original creative workshops, the creation kits are incredible creative resources!

2. Board Games: Yes, no scoop there, but we must recognize that we are sometimes a little lazy in this area, while board games offer an excellent opportunity for family entertainment. Choose age-appropriate games and organize fun tournaments. Classic board games like chess, Monopoly or Scrabble can guarantee hours of screen-free fun.

3. Cook Together: Involve the children in preparing meals (and while doing so, pour yourself a drink :). Whether baking cookies, making homemade pizzas or preparing healthy snacks, this activity not only promotes their creativity, but also their learning about cooking and nutrition. A nice idea is to subscribe to a pastry box, delivered to your home every month.

4. Transform a corner of your home into a warm and welcoming library. Invite children to select works that fascinate them, whether they are captivating fairy tales, thrilling adventure stories, captivating comic strips or even documentaries on their favorite subjects. Let them discover new horizons and explore fascinating worlds through the magic of reading. Best of all, subscribe to mangas or comics to receive directly in your mailbox.

5. Gardening: Gardening when you’re in an apartment in the city? You probably think that we are exaggerating or that we are above ground 😊 So if you have the immense privilege of having a garden, it’s easy. But even without a garden, you don’t have to give up on gardening! How ?

You can plant seeds, care for plants, and watch nature grow over time. Even without a garden, small flower pots on the windowsill can provide a similar experience. No matter the size, the joy of watching nature slowly grow is truly satisfying and an enriching activity for children. And there are some really well-made kits to discover…

6. Yoga or Meditation Session: Teaching children to relax and refocus can be beneficial for their mental and emotional well-being. Guide them through an age-appropriate yoga session or meditation session to help them calm down and focus. You will have all the tutorials you need on the internet... but just the soundtrack, no need to add the image.

7. Organizing a treasure hunt at home is an exciting activity to entertain children without screens. Choose a theme like pirates or detectives, hide clues throughout the house and prepare a final reward. Make sure the puzzles are age-appropriate and emphasize safety. After the hunt is over, talk with the children about their experience and encourage them to share their ideas for future scavenger hunt adventures.


In our opinion, there are a multitude of entertaining and stimulating activities to keep children busy at home without having to resort to screens. By encouraging their creativity, exploration and learning, these activities can not only entertain them, but also contribute to their overall development. So, the next time you don't feel like going out, take the time to explore these options for enriching family days 😉


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