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Expo Loading, Street Art at the Grand Palais Immersive

Let's dive into the exciting twists and turns of urban art through a captivating exhibition that reveals a rich history while highlighting the major influence of digital production and distribution technologies on the work of artists in this field.

The 20th century saw cities transform into living canvases, marked by a prolific spread of urban art.

The exhibition takes up residence in the vast monumental spaces of the Grand Palais Immersif, acting as both an echo and a screen for urban artistic creations, presented in an immersive 360-degree manner.

Date: 6 December 2023 to July 21, 2024

Location: Grand Palais Immersive

Desire: Urban art, Immersive experience, contemporary, audacity

Public space has evolved into a privileged field of expression, an enclosure for daring creation, avant-garde exhibition, and artistic diversion. This art, resolutely on the fringes of official structures, has found its rise, leaving an indelible mark on city walls. The advent of the Internet, followed by the rise of social networks, orchestrated a revolution in the field of street art, thus establishing a new dialogue between artists and the city.

Grand Palais Immersive Street Art
Grand Palais Immersive Street Art

From New York subway trains to paintings captured or filmed by drones, including the imposing murals of the 2000s, the most recent mutations of vandal graffiti, the spectacular actions and diversions: the visitor will venture in the varied twists and turns of urban art. New digital experiences are revealed, inviting everyone to explore the multiple facets of this artistic expression.

This exhibition, the result of a collaboration between the Grand Palais Immersif and Atlas V, is orchestrated under the leadership of curator Christian Omodeo.

The audiovisual production, entrusted to Mehdi Mejri of Atlas V, brings to life the very essence of urban art. The conceptualization, the result of the collaborative work of Christian Omodeo, Mehdi Mejri and Pierre Zandrowicz, offers a global and impactful vision.

The audiovisual and interactive content is produced with mastery by SUPERBIEN STUDIO, and the scenography, by Olivier Palatre, offers a majestic setting for the creations on display. The graphics, entrusted to Horah, Inc. and Monsieur L'Agent, add a distinctive aesthetic dimension to the whole.

The exhibition is based on a unique sound note, with Roque Rivas as composer and sound designer, Oscar Ferran as sound engineer, and the prestigious Ircam - Center Pompidou for sound design. This talented team creates a sensory symphony, making this exhibition an immersive and memorable experience.

Urban Art in 7 words

Since the tumultuous 1960s, city walls have come alive with unique speeches! Artists invest them, transforming them into new fields of creative emancipation, thus establishing a vibrant dialogue with the street, which has become a platform for expression. The street thus becomes the authentic common thread, uniting all the aesthetic variations of urban art.


In situ creations, ephemeral by nature, are destined to disappear under the vagaries of the climate, the movements of passers-by, and the relentless assaults of urban cleaning services.


Acting in the shadows, the artists take care to preserve their anonymity behind masks and pseudonyms. Thus avoiding legal proceedings, they shape a character for themselves, like superheroes leading an ordinary existence in broad daylight, to better live extraordinary adventures at nightfall.


Influenced by pop culture, urban art is inherently modest. He draws his inspiration from cinema, comics, and even television, addressing a wide audience while claiming his affiliation with underground and mass cultures.


Often labeled as a form of vandalism, street art, by defying laws prohibiting signs in public spaces, seeks to leave a visible trace, whether poetic or controversial.


During the 1970s, teenagers from disadvantaged neighborhoods in New York transformed walls and then subways into living canvases, inscribing names, or rather pseudonyms, on them. Together, these "writers" develop an authentic school of lettering. Graffiti migrates to Europe with rap, breakdancing, and hip-hop culture.


Urban art presents itself as a mobile form of expression, in perpetual metamorphosis, constantly developing new forms and techniques. Graffiti, stencils, tags, monumental frescoes, and now digital productions, it adapts to the constant movement of History.


It is spreading globally, moving from exclusion to recognition, celebrated and supported by the very people - the promoters and political authorities - who first rejected it. The Internet makes it a global phenomenon, offering it unlimited space for expression and expansion, a phenomenon that transcends borders.

Date: 6 December 2023 to July 21, 2024

Location: Grand Palais Immersive

Desire: Urban art, Immersive experience, contemporary, audace

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