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Henry Cros exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts

In the sculpture world of the 19th century, a singular figure emerges: Henry Cros (1840-1907), brother of the poet Charles Cros (1842-1888). Although often unknown, this atypical sculptor was able to gain recognition thanks to the major influences of Rodin and Bourdelle, prestigious mentors who gave him a special place in the annals of artistic modernity.< /p>

Date:  from March 6, 2024 to May 26, 2024

Desire: sculpture

From his first steps in the world of art, Henry Cros charted an exceptional career. A distinguished sculptor, he also distinguished himself as a painter, revolutionizing the tradition of encaustic painting. Passionate about polychromy, he explores new approaches and techniques for color sculpture, following in the footsteps of his brother Charles, pioneer of color photography.

Henry Cros
Henry Cros

In 1884, Henry Cros crossed an artistic frontier by becoming the first sculptor to use glass with his innovative technique called "glass paste". His interest does not stop there, also extending to the decorative arts, thus broadening his creative footprint.

A compulsive artist, he also excelled in the art of drawing, revealing a significant part of his posthumous work thanks to the famous gallery of the founder A. A. Hébrard. The Museum of Decorative Arts is today offering an exclusive exhibition, bringing together a remarkable collection of works on paper by Henry Cros, including most of his personal notebooks carefully preserved by his family.

Since 1914, the Museum of Decorative Arts has received significant donations, particularly from 1993, mainly dedicated to graphic arts and most of them unpublished. This monographic exhibition, brilliantly presented at the Salon du Dessin in 2024, highlights this rich artistic heritage, offering a fascinating dive into the creative universe of Henry Cros, long hidden but now celebrated at its true value. /p>

Date:  from March 6, 2024 to May 26, 2024

Desire: contemporary, sculpture

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