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Offer an object of art without breaking the bank, a valuable gift with meaning

To put an end to mass, mass gifts, made in China, which needlessly pollute our beautiful planet.

Offering an object of art is a distinctive and meaningful idea. Artworks, whether created by emerging or established artists, carry with them an aesthetic and emotional dimension that can add a special touch to any occasion.

Here are the undeniable reasons why offering an object of art is a memorable option:

Offer an object of art
Offer an object of art

Originality and Uniqueness: Works of art are often unique or produced in limited editions, which distinguishes them from mass-produced objects. Giving a piece of art therefore means giving something truly special and original.

Personal Expression: Art is a form of personal expression, and gifting a work of art allows the giver to convey a particular message or feeling. The art object thus becomes a tangible means of communicating emotions and thoughts.

Investment in Creativity: By choosing to offer an object of art, we directly support the creative work of an artist. This can be particularly significant, especially if the artist is local or emerging, thus contributing to the vitality of the art scene.

Conversation and Reflection: Works of art can often spark interesting conversations and deep thoughts. They add an intellectual dimension to the recipient's location, creating a focal point for contemplation and discussion.

Adaptability to Personal Taste: Art is diverse, ranging from painting and sculpture to photography and installations. This diversity makes it possible to choose an art object that corresponds to the tastes and personality of the recipient.

Durable Souvenir: Unlike many ephemeral gifts, an object of art can last a lifetime or even become a family heirloom. It is a lasting memory that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Personalized Decoration: The art object can also be integrated into the recipient's personal decor, adding an artistic and personalized touch to their living space.

Support for Independent Artists: By purchasing works of art directly from independent artists, we contribute to the financial support of the artistic community, allowing artists to continue creating.

Whether it is a painting, a sculpture, a photograph or any other type of work, offering an object of art transcends the simple notion of a gift to become a deeply significant artistic and cultural gesture, but then what object would you tell us? and without really breaking the bank?

Well it can range from a statue found in a flea market, to a painting by a young artist in a gallery, a lito of a painting that you like, an old book found in a local second-hand bookstore, and why not something made by yourself with the help of an artist in a creative workshop?

Statue found in a flea market:

An old or vintage statue can be a unique gift full of history.

Look for pieces that reflect the artistic tastes of the person you're giving the gift to.

Make sure the statue is in good condition and cleaned before gifting.

Canvas of a young artist in a gallery:

Support local artists by visiting emerging art galleries.

Choose a canvas that captures attention and evokes emotions.

Works by artists early in their careers can often be more approachable and offer a feeling of originality.

Lithograph of a painting you like:

A lithograph of a famous work of art can be an affordable alternative.

Choose a painting that has special meaning for the person you are giving the gift to.

Frame the lithograph elegantly to give it a more personal touch.

Old book from a local second-hand bookstore:

Look for old editions of classic books or titles that have special meaning to the recipient.

Opt for editions with interesting bindings or special illustrations.

Add a personal note explaining why you chose this specific book.

Object made by yourself with the help of an artist in a creative workshop:

Take part in a creative workshop with a local artist to create something unique.

Choose a medium that matches the artist's talents and interests.

The resulting item will not only be artistic but will also have sentimental value because of the shared experience. Some ideas for creative workshops here...

There are therefore a multitude of possibilities to offer a unique gift without leaving your PEL...





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